27 de desembre del 2007

'Una música constant'

"Where the piano note is too low for the violin, it leaps into a higher octave. As it is, it is playing the songline an octave above its script. Now, if it were a viola... but it has been years since I played the viola.
The last time was when I was a student in Vienna ten years ago. I return there again and again and think: was I in error? Was I unseeing? Where was the balance of pain between the two of us? What I lost there I have never come near to retrieving.

What happened to me so many years ago? Love or not love, I could not continue in that city. I stumbled, my mind jammed, I felt the pressure of every breath."

Vikram Seth, An Equal Music

Estic completament enganxada a Una música constant, de Vikram Seth. Per què no he tornat a París des de que me'n vaig anar?